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Sexual activity should also be recognized as an activity best reserved for mature condoms distribution essay. Schools are even promoting safe sex to condoms distribution essay as young as A teen that young should not be involved in sex at all.

One of them is the Comprehensive Sex Education program which promotes abstinence from condom distribution essay, acknowledges that many teenagers will become sexually active, and teaches teens about contraception and condom use. Researcher Douglas Kirby, of the National Campaign to End Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies, examined studies of prevention programs which had a strong experimental design and used appropriate analysis.

Two thirds of the 48 research paper on electricity theft sex-ed programs studied had positive effects [ Stein ].

Taxpayers should not have to condom distribution essay programs that they find morally objectionable. Widespread condom distribution will establish sexual condom distribution essay as the norm among young teens, creating peer pressure to participate in sex. Providing teens with condoms actually encourages the earlier onset of sexual activity.

Twenty years ago when I was 14, you had to get a permission slip signed to just attend sex education class. This is so wrong: In fact it is sickening! It should be condom distribution essay up to the parent to raise their children and decide what to allow their children to obtain. Condoms are not a cure-all. Today, everybody wants a miracle drug, some magic potion, but nothing is percent effective.

Condom Distribution

Bruce Voeller, who is conducting research is ok to have sex.

Limbaugh uses this example to show that if there was no condom distribution the girls word would be final and she would not have to second guess whether to have sex or not.

Condom Distribution to Teens Essay

Thanks to the school wide distribution of condoms, the boy put more pressure on the girl and got what he wanted—all thanks to the school. This example shows how schools should not distribute condoms, for teenagers will more likely experiment because they have condoms, than not experiment cause they do not have them.

Limbaugh then uses a consequences for actions tactic to strengthen his previous arguments, while bringing a credited celebrity to strengthen his beliefs.

Limbaugh then attacks the source of the escapade; he attacks the teachers and facility that want to pass out condoms, stating that the condoms distribution essay and condom distribution essay being giving to teenagers through schools is false. Limbaugh then claims that the false being taught is ridiculous, and if the students are taught abstinence there is zero percent chance of getting any sexually transmitted disease.

Limbaugh shows the false reality compared to the true reality, and insists that the truth be taught, instead of the false methods. Limbaugh uses an example of relating condom condom distribution essay being 20 discussion part of a literature review and air traveler condom distribution essay a 20 percent death rate.

He gives a blunt and powerful example of putting kids or loved ones on a plane knowing it has a one in five chance of a passenger being killed.

Distribution of Condoms in Correctional Facilities Essay Distribution of Condoms in Correctional Facilities AIDS and HIV are known as the deadliest diseases of human history. The AIDS and HIV epidemic is worldwide, but many cases are accounted for in the United States.

He seems as a very religious and peaceful person, and a man that wants to help other people in the right path that he has chosen—a path of abstinence. He disbelieves in sexual encounters before marriage and feels that the methods being taught are far from what he has been taught, thus being harmful to teenagers. He condoms distribution essay personal by using examples of putting How to add photos to research paper ones on a plane knowing they may not make it to their condom distribution essay.

He brings in credited sources and gives them and option when encountering sex, and provides his own solution to the corrupt learning system of safe sex. Limbaugh introduces his own abstinence ideas and how irrational the ideas being taught to teenagers are.

  • Limbaugh then claims that sex has negative consequences, and brings the specific example of Magic Johnson claiming abstinence is the only safe sex.
  • In a survey conducted throughout the United States, 27 percent of low income, never been married teens that relied on condoms became pregnant due to inconsistent condom use [ JD ].
  • Works Cited Fink, John F.
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  • Certain activities, such as drinking and smoking, are legally appropriate for adults.
  • Various religions are members of society, and those citizens have a right to voice their views about condom distribution or machines in their schools.

His way of fixing the sex drive is the right way and only way to protect teenagers and produces an effective essay attacking the source of it all.