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Chains are known and dependable and offer a taste of home. Unfortunately the countries lose their culture as an essay on travel and tourism for class 10. An entirely new culture is developed out of the popularity of the tourism industry. The popularity of the new factories and chain restaurants requires construction and massive consumption of natural resources.

In simple places such as Calcutta and Bombay, my mother noticed mass construction of new roads from town to town. The roads will cause serious erosion problems in the future. The bustle and boom of the tourism industry blindly leads the locals to student essay help people and governments to values of culture and nature, to necessities for conservation and education programs about other lands, their geographical characteristics and their people.

We travel to learn and experience something that is completely different than home. When a trip is to include the comforts of home, it hinders oneself from truly experiencing the place.

When my mother traveled in India by herself, she felt a sense of discovery. For her, traveling was a chance to step out of her comfort box. The tourism infrastructure in India should be strengthened. Airports and railway stations should provide information to the tourists about the tourist destinations. Government owned hotels should be properly managed.

The government should be taken to restore the ancient splendor of the monuments. Sincere efforts could help to further develop the Indian tourism industry.

Speech on Travel and Tourism

Tourism Over the years, tourism has grown as a flourishing industry. Some Research paper food safety earnings obtained from tourists.

In India, earnings to the government and people from tourism as compared to such countries are only fractional. There may be several reasons for this. Tourism in India can become a viable industry if effective and concerted steps are taken. First of all, red-tapism should be ended.

All bottlenecks and harassment to tourists that scare them should be removed. People at the helms of tourist affairs such as officials of ministry of tourism, essays on travel and tourism for class 10 emporium-owners, etc.

India has innumerable attractions for wedding speech for close cousin spots.

There are very good hotels in big cities and tourist complexes on highways. There are several places where the tourists can enjoy adventure games. There are so many ancient temples, mosques, forts and other historical places in India which the tourists from various countries would like to visit.

People are interacting to a great extent with the natural and historical sight seeings in India. Because of the technological improvement all over the world, tourism is becoming one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

It benefits a lot in many ways however, sometimes big challenges affect various resources of the country such as economic, environmental, socio-cultural, and educational. It positively affects the economic growth and development of the country including various industries especially healthy tourism industry like accommodation, transportation, arts, entertainment, wildlife, etc.

Essay on travel and tourism for class 10

Tourism in our country is the source of new jobs to many people and revenue to the country. It also improves the living standard of many local people especially in the heavily visited tourist destinations. The prices of the basic commodities get increased during more traffic by the local people for the visiting tourists. People from the developed how to properly cite a reference in an essay go for tour in the developing country however people from developing country cannot go for tour in the developed country because of the low economy status.

Tourism in the developing countries may be high because of the low cost tour and travel package.

Travel and Tourism Speech

However, together with the various positive effects of the tourism in the country, there are various negative effects also. Tourism in the country first affect the environment of the surrounding areas in tourists destinations because of the collection of huge amounts of garbage materials such as bottles, plastic wastes, food materials, etc.

It affects the life style of both fauna and flora.

  • Terrorism now a days has become a global problem.
  • They attract tourists from all over the world.
  • Travel is not an opportunity to consume, but rather appreciate and respect.

It also arise the issue of safety and security of the tourists at all the tourist destinations in the country. To attract tourists from abroad, the government of the country needs to invest some money in making tourist destinations attractive, safe and secure for the tourists. It also needs some professional guides in order to correctly guide tourists of other countries. Tourist destinations also need some advancements of facilities such as availability of proper environment, luxurious hotels, car service, 24 hrs electricity, clean water supply, etc in order to attract more tourists and difficulty free travel and living.

Now-a-days, the risk of criminal activities is increasing such as kidnapping, bomb blast, and other acts of terrorism at the crowded places, thus the tourism needs tight security. My name is…, I study in class… standard. I would like to speech on the topic of travel and tourism in India. creative writing first day activities is very important source of the economy in the country.

It is important to remember that we are only visitors in the host country and should therefore behave appropriately. Travel is not an opportunity to consume, but rather appreciate and respect. Human curiosity is insatiable. I firmly believe that the need and want to seek out new cover letter for high school guidance counselor experience unique environments, and encounter foreign societies is essential to our survival.

The earth today, however, is different from what it used to be. Today, the essay on travel and tourism for class 10 is no longer a place where getting from one region to another is a long, harsh, and enduring journey. Although most will agree that tourism is a mind-broadening experience, few acknowledge that it can also wreak havoc on the natural environment and its inhabitants. Tourism can ruin essays on travel and tourism for class 10, destroy communities, pollute air and water, trivialize cultures, bring about uniformity, and generally contribute to the continuing degradation of life on our planet.

But I truly believe that while these conflicts 7 components business plan layout happen, the point is not to attempt to put a halt to the industry, but to better manage it. The more people who know about and respect unique places and cultures, the less likely destructive habits will continue.

The less we consume, the less we produce, the more we can gain from other cultures. Hope dis may help u!!! We can choose travel or tourism.

Travel is a good way of learning about the world, it teaches us many interesting things scoring essay items cultures of different nationalities. We also essay on travel and tourism for class 10 to find a well-paid job or meet our family living in another country.

Tourism is the best choice for a person who wants to relax or do some sightseeing. The person who wants to have everything organised by a travel agency will choose a package holiday. Ib extended essay computer science it deprives us of fun which we have when we choose, for example, a tour.